The 10th Annual Celebration in Leesburg, VA
IndED and Butch Porter
Unlearning trust in society and re-learning to follow natural insight is a lifelong mission of adulthood.
EmJay Cha'll
Seeking a better understanding of the tensions and similarities that divide or bind us.
Robert J Jesionowski
8. "If you're going to do something, don't half-ass it.Listen now (33 min) | (LISTEN ON YOUR FAVORITE PODCAST PLATFORM)Local Artist @kaeley.boyle was our guest on the 8th episode of the Rules of the Game Po…
Butch Porter
7. "Be prepared to be comfortable being uncomfortable..."Listen now (33 min) | For Episode 7 (our third Education Focus episode) we “Zoomed” with Charles McDowell of Hard Work Martial Arts in Sterling, VA. We…
Butch Porter
Are you going to heat that?
Robert Jeffery
Because defending looting requires a substantial reduction in our empathy and our rationality
Butch Porter
6. "Ask, 'What does love require of me...'"Listen now (35 min) | (ADD US TO YOUR FAVORITE PODCAST FEED) Episode 6 is a wide ranging conversation about faith, church, political disagreements, and…
Butch Porter
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